Liwen Knight-Zhang

Liwen Knight-Zhang

Emacser, Coder, Husband & Lifelong Learner


Since managing to move a picture of Mario from left to right on my Commando 64, I have never lost the satisfaction of programming.


I moved to the UK and completed my Master’s degree in Computer Science at Durham University, and have worked in the field ever since. Nowadays, although not fully hands-on at work, I still find spare time to tinker with my Emacs setup with a bit of lisp code. I use org-mode as the single souce of truth for organising all my notes and agenda. You can say I live in Emacs & Org-mode.


I work at one of the UK’s largest media companies. I am the Head of Engineering in a team called Product Platforms. I love both technologies and people development. I used to give software craftsmanship coaching sessions to my team members in my previous work.


The opinions expressed on this website are solely my own and not necessarily those of my employer.


Over the years I have tried and failed to maintain a blog countless times. The idea of writing something useful for others was overwhelming. The only achievement I had was that I once made a popular WordPress theme (for WordPress v0.7), released it and chalked up a Google Page Rank of 5.

Nowadays I find even Jekyll has too high a barrier for me to publish anything. Since I use org-mode for organising my notes already, I figured out that I can use org’s built-in publishing system to share my random thoughts.

Covid-19 lockdown helped me to sit down and put this site together.


To fulfil my goal to be a humble lifelong learner, I believe that learning & teaching are equally important. I intend to put more effort in participating in public speaking. Here is a talk I gave on Web Performance:

This Website

The icon fonts used on this site are obtained from Fontello. The license of each font is listed in LICENSE.txt.

I used psachin’s brilliant Publishing org-mode projects on Gitlab Pages as a starting point to build this website.